Long Live the King.

Mar 1, 2021


I have hungry eyes when it comes to my art. Always planning on making more than my stomach can handle. Over the last few weeks I've been making SHORTS on my YouTube channel in an effort to fight that urge to make massive blockbusting epics. No. Things don't need to be super complex. It's OK to make smaller, bite-size pieces of art.

I like the VAPORWAVE style. That look of old values, long-gone by. That nostalgia of a better time when there were clear answer to everything. Hungry? Eat pizza. Bored? Watch Power Rangers. Favorite color? HOT PINK! That's what inspired this. Channel surfing and entering an age where all your favorite things are. Bright colors, Grass, Slinkies, rumble ball things... And the statue of Marcus Aurelius, the pinnacle of principled men, half buried and forgotten. Like that time long ago.

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